Vakeycha Rogers

Vice President of Talent, Development, and Culture

Vakeycha RogersVakeycha Rogers is the Vice President of Talent, Development, and Culture for Lov’n My Curves. As a member of the executive team, she oversees strategies that attract and retain diverse talent across all levels of the organization. She identifies areas for talent development consistent with organizational goals and objectives and oversees strategy for brand awareness and company culture.

Vakeycha has a long-tenured career in elementary education, behavior mental health services, juvenile justice reintegration programming, quality management/control for various provider agencies, and child welfare. Vakeycha’s career focus is ensuring the safety, health, and well-being of adolescents, youth, and families. She is an experienced Executive Leader and Manager who has worked in multifaceted child centered and family focused systems across the tri-state area. Vakeycha’s passion is to inspire, educate, and empower adolescents, youth, and families to be their best selves inside and out. This passion is reflected in the work that she does with the models, designers, brand ambassadors, and influencers of Lov’n My Curves.

Motivated by her continuous journey toward self-affirmation and acceptance, Vakeycha seize every opportunity to empower and uplift individuals. Growing up Vakeycha did not receive positive affirmation from her parents, siblings, or friends regarding body image. She had a plethora of insecurities and suffered with self-hatred, doubt and judgement. Vakeycha had many concerns with her skin complexion, hair texture, and body image. She perceived herself as being too dark, too big, and too tall – not her image of perfection. Vakeycha’s image of perfection was having light skin, thin body stature, and long straight hair. This mindset was carried with her well into adulthood.

Vakeycha’s journey towards self-affirmation and acceptance has not been easy. However, through the power of prayer, surrounding herself with family and friends who loves and affirms her from the inside and out has made this challenging journey less difficult.

LMC is important to Vakeycha for many reasons. First, it provides a platform that allows her to share her story of the many struggles, challenges, and trials she faced being a plus size, tall, dark skin African American woman. Second, LMC has given Vakeycha the opportunity to speak and pour life into the women who may have gone through, is going through, or trying to make it through everything she has faced as a child and healing through now as an adult. Last, but not least, LMC allows Vakeycha to walk in her truth and share her passion to encourage and empower women of all ethnicities, cultures, ages, sizes, and statues that have difficulties with loving themselves from the inside out.

Vakeycha’s personal experience and compassion makes her a driving force behind Lov’n My Curves’ significant impact on the staff and talent associated with the brand. For Vakeycha, Lov’n My Curves is about more than beauty and fashion, the brand sends a clear message that “ALL SIZES AND EVERY-BODY” MATTERS!