Dr. Marquita Williams

CEO & Founder

Lov’n My Curves, LLC is the brainchild of Dr Marquita C. Williams, a curvy Psychologist and Entrepreneur who has spent many years of her career working to support, inspire, mentor and empower women and girls to “occupy our full space” being “unapologetically excellent ” in all that we do. This message has been evidenced from her career and academic pursuits to who she is as a woman in the world. Always a fashionista since a young lady, Dr. Marquita has memories of herself in gowns and dresses attending fashion shows from as early as the age of 8. “I grew up in a dressed up family.  A blue collar, active church going family man, my father was always in a suit and my mom was in beautiful colored dresses. We were that family that had the kids and parents all matched up together. So from early on I grew up with my own ideas about fashion. I was always encouraged to shine, so it never occurred to me to not be confident and fashionable…whatever my body size.”

During her young adult years as she began to participate, herself, in shows and related events, it was clear that fashion and how people represented themselves on the outside could clearly be connected to how we feel and think about ourselves on the inside. This led to Doc working on a number of  projects that helped women “enhance both their internal and external ‘ expression of themselves in the world, with organizations such as “The Fairy Godmother “,  “Dress for Success”  and “Zeta Phi Beta Sorority,  Inc” among others.

As a full figured woman herself, Dr. Marquita soon realized that the clothing options were minimal for curvy women and girls and the styles available were certainly less than exciting. Working through various opportunities it became clear that even experienced fashion industry minds were predisposed against the myriad of possibilities that could exist for the fashionable curvy woman. So after years of attempting to unsuccessfully cajole others into positively including plus size fashion into their continuum of programs, it was clear that if you want it done right, she had to do it herself and Lov’n My Curves was born.

“I imagined an opportunity for curvy women that is a movement,  a sisterhood of empowered curvy fierceness that demonstrates beauty has no size,  intelligence has no size,  excellence has no size, entrepreneurship has no size..so be free to be your best self and slay every day , while doing it”.

Dr. Marquita along with a few of her powerful and inspiring curvy sister-friends set out to make history by showing the world that Curvy Girls Rock Too!

Premiering as the first Plus Size partner for the prestigious Philadelphia Fashion Week in the Fall 2018 season, Lov’n My Curves, LLC cemented a place in history and in the fashion industry’s heart and we are juuuust getting started. We are lov’n our curves, raising our voices and taking our places courageously, boldly, and with a dignity that shines from the inside out.